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    Albarè > Bondi > Pertica > Paerno > Cortelline > Vallonga > Baesse

    Distance: 10,5 km
    Length by bike: 1 h
    Length by walk: 2 h
    Level difference: 70 m

    It is a mostly flat itinerary, suitable for families, that passes trough the vineyards and olive groves, one oft he typical landscapes oft he hills of Lake Garda.

    The itinerary is 10,5 km long, has a height difference of 70m and is classified as easy.

    Reccommended starting point ist he district Albarè. Go for while on the road in the direction of Costermano sul Garda, along the residential area of Albarè. After a short time the itineranry passes trough the fields. Following the trail in a clockwise direction, one comes first at Villa Torri Giuliari (century XV), a palace, which is set up a shost and spiritual center oft he Salesiani with a large courtyard and a most beautiful garden, which can be visited by appointment. In the immediate vicinity you will see the churh of Santa Croce (XVII century) with ist clock tower. Follow the paved road downhill which leads trough the forest, and then turn right before entering the delightful locality Pertica. At the end oft he tour you pass trough the localities, Feudo, San Vito and Cortelline di Bardolino with a wonderful view of Lake Garda. It is recommended to make a little detour tot he locality Baesse to visit the German Military Cemetary from the Second World War.